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The features and amenities of a property is certainly what would make the prospective residents excited on acquiring a unit and finally moving in. With Torre Lorenzo Loyola, this is also the case as there are a number of facilities to enjoy to the hilt.

First of all, safety and security is an utmost concern of the management, thus, there are CCTV cameras on selected common areas throughout the property. There is also a 24x7 security and emergency hotline for the residents. Other noteworthy features include: individual mailboxes at the residential lobby, 24x7 resident assistance and touch pay payment facilities.

At the Entrance Plaza, what you would experience are: residential drop-off/entrance as well as a residential lobby and lounge where you can accept visitors and guests. There are open lounge and discussion rooms for short talks, meetings or meet-ups. A commercial and retail area where residents can buy what they want and need is also on this portion of the property. No need to spend more time and effort to go to a shop or store when there is one in your own home.

Since this community is near a lot of good schools and universities and students would be mostly their residents, you would find a study lounge in the “quiet zone” portion of the residential condominium. The study lounge is modern and well equipped. It would surely help students to utilize this room in this portion of the property where they can spend time to do all their readings, group work assignments, research or some writings. We know that an ambiance such as this will encourage the students to study hard.

Aside from the Study Lounge, there is a Sky Lounge Function Room where you can also get together and bond with family, relatives or friends. This is a perfect place to celebrate and bond after the final examinations for the students. Or maybe there are birthdays or events to celebrate --- this is a spot where you can all enjoy a few hours and forget about your work or studies.

Or if you just want to breathe some fresh air even for a few minutes while in the middle of studying – you can always go to the Roof Deck Garden where you could see the lush greeneries and city views around you. This refreshing sight will certainly open up all your senses to beauty and nature and will make you feel recharged to go back to what you were doing.

The residents deserve a time to relax, recharge and unwind as well. The 8th Floor is an Amenity Deck where there is a lap pool with pool deck. Swimming is definitely one of the best stress-relief activities you can have, especially during summer. So beat those hot days and take a dip in the pool. You and love ones may plan one swimming party altogether. Drink your thirst-quenching coolers. Read your favorite book. You can swim to all your heart’s content. Happy times, indeed!

Nearby is a Function Room where you can book for events or occasions that are worth celebrating. No need to go out of your home to rent a place for celebrations and get-togethers. You can celebrate your birthdays, graduations, debut parties or perhaps, reunions or small gathering of friends for a weekend night bonding. This is so convenient since you are literally just a few steps away from your home.

  • Residential Drop-off
  • Lobby and Lounge
  • Commercial and Retail Area
  • Open Lounge and Discussion Rooms
  • Lap Pool with Pool Deck
  • Function Room
  • Study Lounge
  • Sky Lounge
  • Roof Deck Garden
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